What Sets Us Apart

Our Philosophy

We believe that orthodontic treatment is more than just straightening teeth. We believe that orthodontics builds self-esteem and self-confidence and in doing so nurtures good health. We believe that helping people, especially children, feel good about themselves, about us, and about others, is the essence of good health. Our mission, focus, and vision have been carefully crafted around these beliefs for you: our patients and our friends.

Our Mission

To create beautiful smiles by a happy, well-trained team in a warm, fun atmosphere, using the most advanced technology.

Our Focus

Extraordinary service.

Our Vision

To genuinely improve the confidence and self-image of every patient.

We make smiles come true!

What makes our office unique?

  • We are known for our incredible customer service. We are proud of our warm, welcoming atmosphere where patients and family are treated like guests.
  • We offer flexible payment arrangements, as well as insurance billing service.
  • We offer phone, email, and even text message reminders about your appointments!
  • We are extremely concerned about the overall health of the teeth while in braces. We work closely with your general dentist and any other specialists involved in caring for your teeth.
  • Digital imaging with both photos and X-rays makes us more efficient and able to communicate more easily with your general dentist, and gives you less radiation exposure.
  • Our professional web site allows our patients to view their appointment information, account balance and financial information, and treatment photos, make credit and debit card payments, and more. (There’s lots of fun stuff there, too.)
  • Dr. Leavitt attends many continuing education classes and seminars. He is a member of three local and regional study clubs, and far exceeds state continuing education requirements.
  • Dr. Leavitt is committed to achieving both a great “bite” and a beautiful smile in the shortest time possible.
  • Dr. Leavitt practices state-of-the-art orthodontic technology, including Invisalign®, the nearly invisible way to straighten teeth without braces.

Commitments to Our Patients

  • Dr. Leavitt will personally diagnose every case and see every patient at every regular visit.
  • We are committed to listening to your needs. We ask every patient at every visit if they have any questions or concerns.
  • We realize your time is valuable, and are committed to being on time for appointments. We work hard to stay on schedule so you don’t have to wait. Our goal is to have an average wait time of less than three minutes.
  • We are committed to keeping your discomfort to a minimum while in treatment, and will do everything possible to see that you are comfortable throughout treatment.